We support our clients wherever they are in their journey to become data-driven, from identifying the art of the possible to developing automated machine learning solutions and their ongoing support. 

Our approach starts with understanding areas of inefficiency and ineffectiveness across your end-to-end anti-money laundering systems and processes for combating the financing of terrorism.  We identify opportunities for optimisation and remediation through the implementation of data-driven transformation.


We believe in data, but we’re thinkers first and data scientists second.  As such we support your success by continually going beyond the analytics ensuring that our solutions can promote and sustain competitive advantage for you into the long term.

AML Screening and Data Quality
Tuning of Sanction Screening Systems
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Transaction Monitoring Threshold Tuning
Transaction Monitoring Remediation
Applied Intelligence Advisory Assessment

Our Approach


Tuning your AML systems to improve effectiveness and efficiency, reduce noise and increase the return on investment.


Reduce exposure to financial crime risk, deliver time and cost savings, and meet regulatory expectations through digital automation.

Intelligent Rule Discovery

In-depth behavioural analysis of data sets and systems, builds insights into drivers and predictors of client and transaction activities and patterns of behaviour.

Solution Design & Development

Design and development of new profiling and predictive solutions improves efficiency and effectiveness across existing AML processes.



Testing of new solutions over synthetic and historical data sources validates the effectiveness and efficiency of enhancements and justifies optimisation solutions. 



Facilitates and enables ongoing independent optimisation across all AML systems to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Outputs Discovery

Supervised forensic data investigation of specific data outputs identifies all affected parts of the AML system and uncovers root cause of inefficiencies.

Design & Testing

Provides recommendations for the code changes required to fix the identified issues, with thorough data testing to prove design effectiveness.

Intelligent Reprocessing

Independent validated audit of historical data sets and systems affected, fulfils  compliance requirements across all AML systems and processes, using applied intelligence. 


Reviews the impact and tuning of new methodology on false positives reducing noise and cost, improving reporting ratios and drives remediation.


Our Applied Intelligence services deliver tangible outcomes; reducing AML risk and delivering operational robustness.

Drive alert and detection logic errors, bringing targeted understanding of phenomena.

Scope and scale of issues scrutinised, reducing system errors through automation.

Rigorously test and validate solutions using real and synthetic data modelling techniques enhancing  system robustness.

Identify and deliver opportunities for cost and time savings and improved resource efficiency by reducing manual implementation.

Optimise existing data usage to reduce overall AML risk and manage alert volumes driving system effectiveness and efficiency.



Read about the services we offer or contact us to arrange a meeting with our experts and find out how you can begin your data-driven transformation.

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