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Nov 2020

BAML Launch Press Release

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Beyond AML provides new, innovative capabilities enabling financial institutions to leverage applied intelligence, data analytics and machine learning to optimise their end-to-end AML processes.

Combining 20 years’ experience and world-class data science expertise with applied intelligence from the world leaders in the analysis of automated sanctions and PEP screening solutions, Beyond AML reduces risk and delivers operational effectiveness and efficiency for your compliance and anti-money laundering processes, from initial onboarding to reporting.

Global Release, November 2020:  Beyond Analysis, the leader in Global Tech, AI & Machine Learning, announces the launch of its sister company Beyond AML; which has been built to revolutionise the regulated sector.  Beyond AML deploys the latest in AI technology and synthetic data techniques, to build insights into client & transaction activities and behaviours to fix and optimise end-to-end AML processes. Beyond AML provides the security for financial institutions to implement technologies to drive automation and speed, while maintaining a robust AML compliance programme.

Reliable systems are essential for all banks and financial institutions to systematically monitor suspicious financial activity and remain compliant within the regulated sector; yet, regulators and financial institutions recognise a variety of underlying issues that impact the effectiveness and efficiency of their systems.  By optimising and tuning their AML processes, Beyond AML enables customers to improve effectiveness and efficiency, reducing noise and delivering time & cost savings, without impacting regulation or compliance.

The experienced data professionals behind Beyond Analysis and Beyond AML, have worked with leading retailers, financial institutions and international blue chip companies for over 20 years, delivering trusted behavioural analytical techniques, data products and Machine Learning solutions to drive performance and operational efficiencies.  Their platform approach implements knowledge and expertise across the regulated sector.

Paul Alexander, Group CEO - Beyond AML.

“Where issues have been identified in the AML process, we step in to uncover what is causing the problems and importantly provide a resolution, making savings to time and cost and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the business.

Justin Holder, CEO - AML Analytics.

Beyond AML enables banks and financial institutions to mitigate risks in the regulated sector and gives the confidence in the ongoing ability to be compliant and to reduce risk.” 

For enquiries please contact:

Aaron D'Angelo – International Development Manager


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