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Living our ethics

Working with data carries great ethical and commercial responsibilities. Our ethics and company values define how we work together both internally and with our clients.

Respecting Data Privacy Fairplay

Respecting data, privacy and playing fair

We will only receive and store data from our clients with their explicit and written permission and only through approved, secure data transfer and storage methods.

We will always work within the strictest guidelines of GDPR and Competition policies designed to protect the personal and commercial interests of individuals and organisations.

Where possible we design our solutions such that they do not require personally identifiable data to be transferred to our systems, mitigating the risk of data loss for our clients and ourselves.


Doing good with our work

We will only develop solutions that have a positive effect for individuals. We choose not to participate in projects that directly lead to or encourage unhealthy behaviours or attitudes.

We endeavour to remain aware of our impact on the environment and use our best judgement in making purchases and travel decisions.


Treating people as we like to be treated ourselves

We encourage diversity and inclusion. We respect individual choices and will always endeavour to accommodate these in how we work together.

We treat individuals with respect and expect the same in return. 

We act against bullying or unreasonable behaviour either from within or outside of our team.

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Personal commitments

Reduce travel carbon footprint by replacing travel with video calls.

Abstain from printing unless absolutely necessary.

Optimise resources required for computation or powering of electrical gadgets.

Be aware of the effect that my personal actions and behaviours have on other individuals.




Products or services that involve data almost always carry a level of sensitivity related to security and privacy. Trust is paramount between us and our clients to enable our work.  


Trust can only be built on a foundation of integrity: integrity of actions, values and attitudes of every individual involved in the business and the business as a whole.  We make individual and collective integrity a key part of our ethical stance as well as a key principle in how we conduct business.​



To be open is possible on multiple levels and terms.

We strive to be not only open to new ideas, opportunities or developments but also to scrutiny, internal problems or personal hurdles. 


This means being brave. 


Brave to reflect on our actions and brave to admit to, and accept both positive and negative feedback and act upon it. 



Great culture requires synergy, created when differences interact and complement each other.


This can only happen when individuals feel at ease and completely safe in themselves. 


Thus, we embrace diversity and inclusion.


We do not tolerate discrimination of employees, clients or suppliers in any way.​



We respect ourselves and show respect to each other as well as our environment. 


We recognise the importance of taking care of ourselves as well as our colleagues.  


We manage relationships with a mutual respect for the individual.​

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